World Innovation Lab describes the future we will all experience very soon.


Not science fiction, but, as the name suggests, all the exciting innovations and developments that are destined to have a lasting impact on our lives.


Products and Technologies conceived and developed today are on the verge of becoming reality, changing our lives dramatically.

The Key Fact's







Future of innovation

World Innovation Lab goes in search of these world-changing innovations, and helps the viewer understand what to expect.


We examine every issue that affects our existence: Industry and Research, Lifestyle and Health; and of course the Climate Crisis, and the challenge of creating a Sustainable Environment, explaining developments in technology worldwide that will change the very way we live.


Indeed, technological innovations are happening everywhere, and every day. Audiences are hungry for content that explains our changing world in clear, understandable and entertaining terms. While some innovations are already here, or in production, others are still boldly imagined concepts, projects possible in the future. World Innovation Lab wants to show the full range of possibilities, to offer the most constructive insights into a future that we ourselves can shape. Because our decisions today will determine our tomorrow, World Innovation Lab wants to help create a world of informed decision-makers, so that together we can move in the right direction.

World Innovation Lab uses sophisticated visualizations and staging to help viewers grasp ideas that are mostly still “invisible” today, and to understand the great potential they hold.

Energy 2021

Can we solve our energy problem? Will we live to be 200 years old? Will our cars fly? Will we live in places that are now uninhabitable? Is it possible to irrigate the Earth’s deserts? Will quantum computing technology completely change the way we think?


The answer to these few questions is already a resounding “Yes!”  Accordingly, World Innovation Lab is always sure to amaze its audience, showing how much closer we are to the “impossible” than we may imagine. 


World Innovation Lab is presented in an accessible family format, explaining even complex concepts in an understandable and entertaining way that will bring people from every age group and educational level along for the ride. 


In this way, World Innovation Lab delivers visual worlds in a signature format that distinguishes it from the competition.


World Innovation Lab is much more than just an attractive package for international buyers.


The World Innovation Lab format is structured as a sustainable franchise system. While the umbrella brand provides an international overview, the goal is to promote and support a deep-dive into innovation at every level, providing insight into specific local and national projects.


Thus, many nation-specific Innovation Labs are to be created, including for Germany, China, USA, and UK, as well as some spanning continents, such as a pan-Africa Lab, to provide local audiences with timely updates on current domestic developments.


In this way, the World Innovation Lab brand can build strong ties to regionally diverse groups and serve its audience over the long term.


Just as with innovation itself, World Innovation Lab’s list of topics continues to expand, assuring the brand a long life ahead.


World Innovation Lab sees itself as a leading trendsetter of what is possible for humanity, a source of information and entertainment for the whole family.