Timeslot takes the viewer on an exciting journey through time and space.


But this journey through time is different from other history formats.



Timeslot lets us visit places around the globe, while peeking in on events from history that make the present more comprehensible.

The Key Fact's








The past resonates still, and has an effect on today’s world. History helps us to better understand what moves us today.


Although the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, or Romans lacked the technical tools we enjoy, life within those societies was more similar to ours today than one might think.


Through a precise selection of events, and illustrating them in relation to topics in today’s news, Timeslot pulls the past into the here-and-now, clarifying both past and present.


Timeslot leverages sophisticated, high-quality production values and modern visual effects to make the past vivid and tangible.

Supplementing and enhancing the visual programming, some traditional leading experts add their expertise, to help viewers better grasp the underlying concepts.


But Timeslot does not miss out on excitement and adventure either. The “hero” of the show is a mysterious, virtual figure: The “Time Wizard.”


The Time Wizard not only straddles time, observing and commenting on events, but also moves through the mythological world of each respective epoch, since myths and legends are so often the driving forces behind the rise and fall of civilizations.


The Time Wizard’s face is always half-hidden under a mysterious robe, which resembles somewhat a monk’s hood and habit. This allows the Time Wizard to interact with worldwide audiences in any language.


Thus, past time links to and parallels present time throughout Timeslot!  Some of the things we may have learned in school are tested for accuracy in this format, perhaps with very surprising results!


The historical genre is one of the most popular factual formats on most networks and platforms, and always attracts a worldwide audience.


But in addition to broadcasting the format, Timeslot offers many expanded opportunities for exploitation.


The series fits perfectly into the field of popular science books, or their electronic variant.


There is also the possibility of recycling the elaborately computer-generated sets in the field of online games.