of Sports

Science of Sports is all about the world of sports, but this time from a different perspective.


The focus here is not just on the outstanding achievements of individuals, but on explaining what each of us would actually be capable of.


It is about giving the viewer a deeper insight into his/her own body, and clarifying connections that can be useful for everyone, while answering many questions along the way.

The Key Fact's








Why doesn’t a ski jumper shatter when he hits the ground from an enormous height?

How far could we theoretically jump, or how fast could we run? What kinetic power is in our arms and where is it used most efficiently?


In all sports, top performers show us what the human body is capable of. At Science of Sports, we don’t stop there, but explain to everyone what they can do with just a few resources to get the best out of themselves. In this way, Science of Sports acts not only as a witness to great achievements, but also as an important life coach.


Sport meets technology:


Science of Sports is not only dedicated to our bodies, but also delves deep into the world of material tools and inventions, as new innovations are constantly entering the market to optimize our possibilities.

26 x 46min (Commercial Hour) High Class Family Info-Edutainment und Trend Format


Science of Sports investigates and even participates in the latest developments, whether by innovative start-ups, traditional companies, or scientific institutions. The range of new, stunning developments seems to move faster and faster, and it is time to give our viewers the sort of broad overview that has really been missing.


Science of Sports defines itself as family-friendly edutainment but also as life-style programming, keeping a watchful eye on everything that is new and trending.








Basically, the topic of sports works in all international markets. Due to its innovative character, Science of Sports has a good chance to position itself as a high-class format in this area.


But Science of Sports is also an excellent content-conversion format. With product-placement, high quality spin-offs, cross-marketing cooperation and also in-house product lines can be generated, especially in the merchandising area.


From apps, e-books, nutritional supplements, to sportswear and gadgets, Science of Sports promises effective partnerships with select partners, and thus has the potential to become a strong leading brand not only in the program distribution channel, but also in the B2C area.


Especially for international TV stations, these expanded market opportunities, in addition to the well-made and high-quality content, always form an exciting secondary opportunity for exploitation and cross-marketing.