It’s You! is an entertainment format focused on the quirks and quandaries of human psychology. The viewer – just as she or he is – is always the center of attention.


It’s You! is based on observed experience and presents numerous quite striking experiments to show, and try to explain, just why we all behave the way we do.

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It’s You! focuses a metaphorical microscope on all the archaic behaviors we have learned over the millennia of our evolution, and on some of the rationalizations we use to justify them. It is amazing to see that our closest relatives, the primates, so often behave just as we do, and exhibit many of the same strategies that make humans Earth’s dominant species.


But while apes are quite capable of sly deception, we see that humans do it much better!


It’s You! brings human quirks and idiosyncrasies into the foreground, and examines them ‘mercilessly’ but with humor and affection. Our behaviors (and the feelings behind them) are questioned in their evolutionary context:

Serious experiments, developed by a select editorial team in close collaboration with the world’s leading psychologists and behavioral scientists, will have us marveling at the mystery that is ourself. 

It’s You! will provoke us to think about, and even laugh at, ourselves. Clever ‘Field Experiments’ conducted across the globe will help It’s You! speak to and on behalf of humans all around the world.

Endless questions

  • Why do we get angry?
  • Why do we ‘fall in love’?
  • Why is our consciousness so easily fooled?
  • Why do we feel compassion?
  • Why do we laugh?
  • When are we courageous?
  • What is attractive?
  • Can we recognize lies?


So many questions! And answers often prove very surprising.


But It’s You! also transports us to areas of human behavior where our questions still have no clear answers, but are still the subject of intensive research.

Watching these experiments, staged in familiar, everyday situations, audiences are drawn in, fascinated to see how in a similar situation they would react the same way. It’s You! tells universal, uplifting stories we can all comprehend and identify with.
Because first and foremost the goal of It’s You! is for all of us to discover ourselves and to become more aware of our own behavior, It’s You! promotes the common spirit that links every human being, regardless of origin or culture. We all behave illogically; we all make mistakes – and that makes us human!
Of course, It’s You! always remains up-to-date and in tune with the most current behavioral research, because scientific findings change and lead to updated perspectives.




It’s You! presents so-called “Wow!” stories. Striking, startling, entertaining, and deeply appealing – they are easy to follow, and therefore easy to re-tell. This is crucially important.


It’s You! appeals to a global audience. While we humans may differ culturally, we do not really differ from each other in our deeper essential characteristics, which are universal.


With a certain tongue-in-cheek yet highly informative spritely style, It’s You! appeals to the whole family, and has great potential to stimulate inter-generational discussion.


Potential for some topics to go viral is also enormous, because the many different field tests and experiments are designed to be easily shared on many platforms.


Thus, It’s you! can become a leading format within this genre.