Animal Inside is unprecedented in its kind family format for Access, Prime or late Prime.

In 26 episodes of 3 features each, viewers will encounter animals in a completely new way.

The animal and what we can learn from it forms the center of the planned content.


Beyond an animal’s commonly known characteristics, the series focuses on a creature’s less obvious – and therefore more intriguing – behaviors:  Its innermost secrets, as it were.

Key data for the format







Our Mission!

In every living being, whether gigantic or tiny, one discovers the wonders of evolution.
Everything seems to have its reason, every ability makes sense and makes you wonder.

If we look closely, we discover many answers to questions relevant to us. The solution to
some problems is right before our eyes!

Animal Inside discovers these secrets and makes them visible and understandable to a wide audience.


Animal Inside naturally works with some of the world’s leading scientists, researchers, and the very best animal filmmakers of our time.



But the format also breaks new visual ground:  


Using high quality visual effects, we will explore the innermost workings of the animal world and deliver completely new insights that will impress not only audiences, but even the current research community, and provide a valuable storehouse of knowledge for the future.


Animal Inside is a generational format that has the chance to accompany many people of different ages for many years.


How a polar bear could cure our metabolic diseases, or how ants can warn us about earthquakes. How not only chimpanzees, but many other animal species exhibit intelligence – and what they might have to teach us.  


Animal Inside gets to the bottom of all these topics – an almost infinite range that can build the format into an important brand over many more seasons.

In 26 episodes of 3 features each, viewers will encounter animals in a completely new way.


Animal content is very much in vogue in the field of “factual programming” and attracts a 

worldwide audience.

However, Animal Inside’s approach goes beyond what has been available to date, with a presentation and thematic depth never before seen or implemented in this way.

This clearly sets Animal Inside apart from any comparable programming. In particular, 

the format distinguishes itself through its high-quality imagery and storytelling style. 

The stories are compatible worldwide and guaranteed to reach an audience far beyond 

any limited regional borders.